Reference management

Reference management
There are several  reference / citation management systems for storage and reuse of bibliographic data. Some of them also offer features to link references to (saved) full-text PDF documents for personal use.
IEC supports the following systems:

Both have tools to compile reference lists or bibliographies according to specific publisher standards and offer linking options to pdf’s. Also both systems offer the option “Cite while you write” , for easy citing of specified references stored in Reference Manager or Mendeley during writing with a word processor like Word.

Remember: A main difference is, Reference Manager is not for free. To use the software IEC offers access for a limited number of users or you pay for your own license as TU/e staff member or student. Mendeley is free software.

Courses Mendeley
IEC offers specific courses to introduce Mendeley together with exercises. For an introduction go to Modules for Information Skills; 7. Advanced (intranet).

Courses are offered during the bachelor professional skills, (third phase of information skills) or on request for special groups. Mail if you are interested in the course. The courses will introduce  the different possibilities of the system.