TU/e corresponding authors may publish open access free of charge in selected Elsevier titles

An agreement with Elsevier enables corresponding authors from TU/e and other Dutch academic institutions to publish open access free of charge in a number of selected journals. The agreement aims for open access to 10% of Elsevier articles by authors from Dutch universities in 2016. By expanding the journal selection, this number should rise to 20% in 2017 and 30% in 2018, the third and final year of the agreement.

Journals which are included in the agreement are listed on the Elsevier website. The journal selection contains so-called hybrid open access journals; full gold open access journals are not part of the agreement.

How to publish your article in open access under this agreement

First of all you must be a corresponding author affiliated to one of the Dutch academic institutions that participate in the agreement with Elsevier. Second, your article needs to be accepted for publication in one of the journals selected within the scope of the agreement. Then you can indicate that the article processing charges (APCs) for your article will be paid by VSNU by going through the steps described below: 

Step 1: State your affiliation with a Dutch university

Step 2: Select gold open access as your publishing option

Step 3: Choose your license

Select a Creative Commons license for your open access publication. The CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license restricts commerical use and publication of derivative works, for example translations.

For further information on licenses and license types go to theCopyright Coach and the Creative Commons website of contact the IEC.

Step 4: Review and confirm