Delivery of submitted manuscript

Delivery of submitted manuscript (pre-print) of peer-reviewed journal article

This information applies:

  • If you received an NWO grant resulting from a ‘call for proposal’ dating from after 1 December 2015
  • If you received a personal e-mail message from the IEC requesting delivery of a submitted manuscript (pre-print)

    To offer free-of-charge open access to an article via the TU/e Repository we usually ask the author to upload the final author version (this is the accepted version after peer review) into Pure.
    However, publishers of a small number of journals do not permit open access to final author versions via the TU/e Repository, not even after an embargo period.
    In most such cases, only the submitted manuscript (so-called pre-print, version before peer review) of an article may be made available open access in the TU/e Repository. Only when this is so we ask you to upload that version into Pure. Otherwise upload of the final author version is requested.

    Why do we ask to upload the version BEFORE peer review?
    NWO, VSNU and the education ministry all wish to achieve an as high as possible rate of open access to scientific literature. NWO requires open access for all new grants resulting from calls for proposals from after 1 January 2015 and accepts no embargoes. All three bodies have agreed that at national level so-called ‘pre-prints’ are also counted in open access monitoring.
    TU/e prefers to offer the final author version in the TU/e Repository. This is the version AFTER peer review. After all, peer review in an essential phase in the process of scientific publishing and it may still lead to substantial re-editing of the submitted manuscript.
    Unfortunately however, publishers sometimes do no permit this version to be offered open access in the TU/e Repository. Only if publishers refuse permission will we explicitly ask authors to upload the version BEFORE peer review (submitted manuscript / pre-print).

    What can TU/e authors do by themselves?
    You can register your peer-reviewed journal article and upload the final author version. For this you use the Pure research registration system.
    To do this take the following steps:

    • Step 1: Log into: (via your TU/e account)
    • Step 2: Register metadata of your article (Select: add new - research output – contribution to journal – article)
    • Step 3: Upload pdf of final author version (Select: add electronic version – upload an electronic version)
    • Step 4: At “document version” select “submitted manuscript”
    • Step 5: At “Public access to file” select “restricted

    The IEC will check conditions set by publishers for each newly registered peer-reviewed journal article. After this check IEC staff members will reset for you the "public access to file" value. Your publication will be made available open access automatically as soon as this is permitted by the publisher. This way, free-of-charge open access to many publications can be provided.


    What can a secretarial office do?
    Secretarial offices may also register and upload publications in Pure. The procedure is the same as for authors, as explained above.

    What metadata should you register?
    The metadata of the published article. That includes name of author, title, year of publication and journal title.

    How do I upload an article afterwards when the article has already been registered in Pure?
    You may always upload a publication into Pure, even if the article has already been registered before and the metadata can no longer be changed. The procedure is similar to that for newly registered publications. Take the following steps:

    • Step 1: Log into:   (via your TU/e account)
    • Step 2: Select article under “my research output
    • Step 3: Upload pdf of final author version
      (Select: add electronic version – upload an electronic version)
    • Step 4: At “document version” select “final manuscript
    • Step 5: At “Public access to file” select “embargoed

    What version should I upload?
    The version BEFORE peer review, also known as the submitted manuscript or pre-print. This version still includes no adjustments resulting from the peer review process and no final volume, issue and page numbers. This version may in most cases be made available open access in the TU/e Repository, sometimes after expiration of an embargo period.

    How does TU/e avoid that citations refer to the pre-print?
    The TU/e repository always displays the correct metadata of an article as published by the publisher, including the DOI. Cover sheets are added to all publications shortly after they appear in the Repository. When an article is downloaded from the TU/e Repository the version of the download is always clearly indicated, and users are referred to the publisher’s website for the final version.

    Must I also upload the publisher version?
    You do not need to upload the publisher version of your article into Pure. The publisher version is the definitive version of an article including the final volume, issue and page numbers and year of formal publication. The IEC can easily obtain these publisher versions by itself and will not ask researchers to upload publisher versions into Pure. Publisher versions may be made available open access in the TU/e Repository in exceptional cases only.

    What does the IEC do for me?
    Once you have registered and uploaded your article, the IEC will take care of everything else to make your publication available open access.
    The IEC will check the metadata you provided, as well as the pdf. If your article is to be published in a peer-reviewed journal the IEC will provide open access immediately and automatically from the moment at which conditions set by the publisher permit this.

    Does upload of the author version enhance my visibility?

    Yes it does. Your publications will be displayed automatically on your personal Employee Page. We display the metadata and provide links to your publications in the TU/e Repository. They will be indexed by Google Scholar and harvested by Narcis (database of Dutch scientific publications). Once an article you wrote becomes available open access everyone can easily read and download it. This will certainly enhance visibility and impact of what you publish.

    Who should upload a publication that has been co-authored by several persons?

    Registration and upload of a publication with multiple authors is the responsibility of the first TU/e-affiliated author.

    All other publication types, including conference proceedings
    All other types of publications, including conference proceedings, may be registered in Pure according to the same procedure. The upload procedure is similar too. You can upload the full text and indicate whether this is an author or a publisher version.
    For these publications submitting the final accepted author version is not required. The IEC does not check open access conditions set by publishers. Therefore you must yourself assign the desired status in the “Public access to file” field. You can also set an embargo time limit. The IEC will make these publications available open access only once the conditions you have set are fulfilled.

    Further information
    Questions and answers with regard to submitting journal articles for the TU/e Repository may be found on our FAQ page.

    Need help?
    Having trouble registering or uploading a publication? Or do you have any other questions with regard to the Pure registration and upload system? Contact the Pure Helpdesk via: Ria Janssen and John Engels
    Telephone:    (040 247) 3803
    Available:  Monday - Friday