TU/e on the right track with open access

The VSNU (the association of Dutch universities) and the Ministry of Education have requested the university libraries to monitor the number of open access nationwide. The IEC at the TU/e has now determined the number of open access articles of TU/e scientists for the year 2015.

The measurement has been limited to "peer-reviewed" articles. The total percentage of open-access peer-reviewed articles for the year 2015 at the TU/e is 42%, of which 25% is available green open access and 17% gold open access.

State secretary Sander Dekker's goal is to have at least 60% of all scientific articles available in open access in 2018. With an open-access rate of 42%, the TU/e is on track to facilitate the open access availability of its scientific output – not least thanks to the efforts of TU/e researchers to upload their articles in the TU/e repository.