Warning: Phishing mail TU/e Library!

An e-mail message that states to be from the TU/e Library is currently in circulation, requesting holders of TU/e accounts to change their passwords urgently. Do not respond to this "request" to change your password! 
Read the TU/e news announcement concerning false e-mail messages: https://intranet.tue.nl/nieuws/12-10-2016-valse-mail-tue-bibliotheek-in-omloop/?platform=hootsuite

This is a form of phishing aimed at stealing users' passwords. Obviously requests like these should not be responded to.

What to do?
Do not respond to this "request" to change your password! And if you do anyway in an "off" moment, then immediately change your password again. If your are logged into Windows at a TU/e workstation, type <Ctrl><Alt><Del> and select: Change a password. If you are at another workstation go to your TU/e webmail via a browser, and there you select: "Change your password" under Options.
The link has meanwhile been blocked for users connected to the TU/e network (whether via VPN or not). However, users connected via Eduroam or for example a home network still cannot block the link. These users must therefore be all the more cautious for this false request for password change. TU/e will, just as your bank, never request passwords in this way.