Colour, Space and Time

Colour, Space and Time: sculptures by Frans Franssen : exhibition in Library, MetaForum

"The Blue of the Butterfly" is the title of a sculpture which was recently installed near the Differ building on the TU/e campus. This work by sculptor Frans Franssen is the newest addition to the TU/e art collection.

Main theme in the work of Mr. Franssen, former teacher at the Architectural Sciences department, are the relations between dimensions in space. In this exhibition, on the occasion of the installation of the new sculpture, work is displayed that also deals with this topic. It comprises three parts: small sculptures in the showcase on floor 0, larger works around the staircase from floor 0 to 1 and on the walkway on floor 1 to the entrance of the Library, and documents in the showcase near the Library information desk. The exhibition will be on display until the end of February.