Book folding art by Anne Fey in library MetaForum

Exhibition in library MetaForum until mid-September

An exhibition of book folding art by dr. Anne Fey, staff member of the TU/e department of Mathematics & Computer Science, will be on display in the library in MetaForum (floor 0 and near the information desk on floor 1) until mid September. Mrs. Fey gives the following explanation of her work:

"I was born in 1969 and devoted most of my life to mathematics and physics. I began folding books in the second-hand bookshop Books4life, where I have worked as a volunteer since 2013. All revenues are donated to charities, and all books are donated to the shop as well, mostly in batches filling several removal boxes.

We devote much time to sorting out what still can be used, but we can impossibly keep everything. The books we must discard fascinate me most of all: those are the vulnerable books with a history. Those I try to save and give a new lease of life. Working with books never annoys me, because I like reading and am always curious what will be the next item I will get hold of.

As I gain experience I discover ever more ways of folding, cutting, bending or curling pages. By doing so I keep on finding new and surprising three-dimensional effects. Ideas may come from anywhere; it's often curiosity to explore the limits of the possible.

When conceiving my designs my mathematical background comes into good stead. To damage the books as little as possible, I calculate all kinds of details of the designs beforehand. Most books could be read again."

To find out more about Anne Fey's work, visit her website.