VPN settings

As an employee or student to be able to use TU/e ICT facilities outside TU/e campus you need a VPN connection that provides access to the TU/e network.

You will find all information about settings for access to full-text journals and databases via a VPN connection on the ICT service page.

Full-text access to external databases (e.g. ScienceDirect and IEEE) is provided only to TU/e IP addresses (beginning with 131.155....)
For this you require a connection without Split tunneling, therefore select connection profile TUe-des

Select TUe-des connection profile:

What if you still have no access?
If you still have no access after adjusting these settings, check  
whether the IP address you are using does indeed begin with 131.155...
If another IP address is displayed, this means that there is no connection with the TU/e network.

On this website you can find out what your IP address is. 
For more information consult ICT page about VPN on Intranet

Use Library Proxy Server.
Shut down VPN connection and log into the Library Proxy Server. Via the Proxy Server, IP address is recognized at external database as belonging to TU/e network.