Photocopying in the Library is a facility for TU/e students and staff only.

Photocopies cannot be made in the Library without a campus card.

If you have no card the only option is via the Repro Self-service MetaForum floor 1 near the Student Shop (info 040 247336)

Photocopying from every MFP using your TU/e campus card and PAS account
Documents may be photocopied, scanned or printed in the Library using the specially equipped Multifunctional Printer (MFP). If you have a campus card and a so-called PAS account with a sufficient sum on it, you can make your photocopies by using a MFP.  Log out via Access button on MFP.
Printing charges are deducted from your pass account.
You will find a short manual near the machine.

4 MFPs are currently installed in the Library, 2 each on floors 0 and -1 (see map of the library)

When using an MFP for the first time you must take the following steps:
•    Report as a new user at an MFP using your TU/e Campus card.
Go to the ICT intranet page for further instructions about:
•    First-time log-in on MFP for new users
•    MFP log-in as a new user
•    Photocopying on MFP

Repro self-service in MetaForum
Apart from the facilities in the Library, the Student Shop on MetaForum floor 1 offers the Repro self-service; everything you need for making your own prints, copying, binding and putting finishing touches to your paper, you will find here. For further information go the Student Shop page.