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New subscriptions and trial subscriptions

Academia; database for sound and vision.
Academia provides on-line access to almost 90,000 audiovisual resources: a unique selection from the archives ot the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, aimed specifically at the worlds of education and research.

  • American Physical Society: APS archive collection acquired as from 2018
    a. Physical Review Letters - archive from 1958
    b. Reviews of Modern Physics - archive from 1929
    c. Physical Review A - archive from 1970
    d. Physical Review B - archive from 1970
    e. Physical Review C - archive from 1970
    f.  Physical Review D - archive from 1970
    g. Physical Review E - archive from 1993
    h. Physical Review Fluids - archive from 2016
    i.  Physical Review Applied - archive from 2014
    j.  Physical Review Materials - archive from 2017
    k. APS Journals Archive Series - archive 1893-1969
  • EduDonor Index, EduScholarships Index & HEPSEU Database

    EduDonor Index
    (Worldwide Directory of Grants for Educational Institutions)  
    EduDonor Index covers the information on more than 600,000 grants available for educational institutions/organizations in any country in the world.
  • EduScholarships Index (Worldwide Directory of Scholarships for Students) 
    EduScholarships Index covers the information on more than 2 million global and local scholarships available for university students (bachelors, masters, doctorates/PhDs) and for the students ofr kindergartens, primary schools (grades 1-4), secondary schools (grades 5-8) and high schools (grades 9-12) in any country in the world.
  • Edward Elgar selectie e-books voor IE&IS
    A special selection of 585 books has been purchased for our department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences.
    These e-books will soon be available via our search systems, for the time being they may be viewed via the publisher's website
  • Elsevier EBS
    Elsevier eBook Freedom collections 2018
  • Emerald: a new collection and an extension of some collections already acquired earlier
    1. Emerald Transport eBook Collection
    2. Emerals Business, Management and Economics
    3. Emerald Social Sciences
  • HEPSEU Database (Higher Education Programmes & Scholarships in European Countries) 
    HEPSEU Database covers the information on more than 100,000 Higher Education Programmes (Bachelors, Masters, Doctorates) in European countries and more than 1.5 million global scholarships and grants available for participants of these programs.
  • Institute of Physics: extension of e-Book series:
    1. Concise physics: extension with release 3(2016-2017),
    20 books and release 4(2017-2018), 20 books.
    2. Expanded physics: extension with release 3(2016-2017),
    50 books and release 4(2017-2018), 50 books.|
  • IOP Publishing
    • Nano Futures;
      a new high-impact journal publishing fundamental and applied research at the forefront of nanoscience and technological innovation.
    • Convergent Science Physical Oncology (CSPO);
      a new journal that focuses on how experimental and theoretical science contribute to a better understanding of cancer complexity, and to the development of more effective diagnostic and treatment strategies.
    • Flexible and Printed Electronics (FPE);
      a journal devoted to publishing research across all aspects of printed, plastic, flexible, stretchable, and conformable electronics.
    • Quantum Science and Technology (QST);
      QST publishes research on theoretical and experimental advances in fundamental science and application of quantum-enabled technologies.
  • JoVe Journal of Visualized Experiments
    JoVE is the world's first peer-reviewed scientific video journal. Established in 2006, JoVE is devoted to publishing experiments in a visual format to increase productivity and reproducibility of scientific research. JoVE is indexed in Pubmed/MEDLINE, Web of Science and Chemical Abstracts. Its Impact Factor is 1.1.
  • Access up to 31-12-2017:
    - JoVe Genetics 
    - JoVe Biochemistry
  • Access up to 31-12-2018:
    - JoVE Biology
     - JoVE Bioengineering
  • Access up to tot 31-12-2019:
    - JoVe Chemistry 
    - JoVe Engineering 

  • Nature: new acquisitions for 2018:
    1. Nature Archive 1987-1996
    2. Nature Archive 1950-1986
    3. Nature Methods starts 2018 with 4 years static wall
    4. Nature Biotechnology starts 2018 with 4 years static wall
    5. Nature Protocols starts 2018 with 4 years static wall
    6. Nature Medicine starts 2018 with 4 years static wall
    7. Nature Energy starts 2018 with 4 years static wall
  • Optical Society of America
    The TU/e Library already had Digital Archive 1 (1917-2005) from OSA in its collection. Digital Archive 2 (2006-2015) has now been added.
  • Royal Society of Chemistry
    The RSC eBook collection was recently extended with volumes 2016-2017. The collection is now complete from 1968 onwards.
  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Archives (toegang campus only)
    The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP) was designed so that each entry is maintained and kept up-to-date by an expert or group of experts in the field. All entries and substantive updates are refereed by the members of a distinguished Editorial Board before they are made public. Consequently, this dynamic reference work maintains academic standards while evolving and adapting in response to new research. 
    Access campus only:
  • Statista; the portal for statistics.
    Immediate access to over one million statistics and facts
    Statista is an on-line statistics portal. It provides access to data from market and opinion research institutions, as well as from business organizations and government institutions in English and German
    The platform counts over 1,000,000 statistics on over 80,000 topics from more than 18,000 sources. Statista offers statistics and survey results in the form of bar charts and tables. The main business model of the platform is offering corporate clients, educators and researchers access to quantitative data.

  • Statista's new Brexit Factbook
    With the UK set to leave the European Union in just over six months and Brexit negotiations stalling, the probability of a no-deal Brexit is increasing.
    The Statista Brexit Factbook gives you a comprehensive overview of:
    - the most important facts and figures
    - the entire process from the lead-up to the EU membership referendum itself
    - the subsequent economical, financial and political ramifications
    TU/e staff and students can download the factbook here.
    We hope you enjoy your read. And perhaps a good opportunity to look around some more in the informative Statista Database.
  • Sustainable Organization Library (SOL)
    The TU/e Library has acquired a GreenLeaf Publishing subscription for the on-line collection Sustainable Organization Library (SOL).
    The collection is available via Focus, the TU/e discovery tool, and the TU/e catalogue.
    The TU/e Library also provides these links for access to this collection.
    The Sustainable Organization Library (SOL) is an on-line library drawn from books, reports, case collections and journals, published by Greenleaf and others, focused on sustainability and social responsibility Each chapter or article is individually tagged with its own metadata..

  • TVVL Kennisbank
    Access via IP recognition for undefined time period (no log-in required)
    TVVL Kennisbank provides access to the content of TVVL Magazine beginning with 2007. Articles, hand-outs, technical reports, lecture notes, research results etc. in the fields of climate management, installation technology, energy, and facility management.

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