Symposium Playing with numbers

06 September
13:00 - 14:30
Auditorium, TU Eindhoven

Máxima Medisch Centrum and the TU Eindhoven organize a symposium in combination with the promotion of Anne Maas.

Please mind that the symposium will be held in Dutch, except for the lecture by Dr. Dalla Man.

The symposium addresses current and future contributions of technology to (early) diagnosis, treatment, (self) care and prevention of diabetes. A panel of experts will discuss progress and their vision on diabetes education, care and patient empowerment.

The program on September 6, is composed of contributions by firstly Prof . dr. Chiara Dalla Man (Università degli Studi di Padova). Her team has developed a computer model that quantitatively predicts glucose dynamics. This model is currently accepted by the FDA as alternative for animal testing in the development of closed-loop systems for automatic delivery of insulin in the endeavour to develop an ‘artificial pancreas’. Secondly, weWe also welcome Prof. dr. Hans de Vries (AMC, Amsterdam), who will share recent results on the development of an artificial pancreas, such as systems that dose glucagon in addition to insulin for better glycaemic control.

In addition to advancements in treatment of diabetes, the symposium will address innovation in the education of patients with diabetes. Research by MMC, TU/e and others has shown the potential that ICT, and especially ‘serious gaming’, has to improve the education of diabetes patients. Effective diabetes management is largely determined by an adequate understanding of physiological processes underlying the disease and ability to influence one’s personal lifestyle. Ir. Anne Maas will talk about the project in which MMC and TU/e have developed a computer game for a tablet computer that enables patients with diabetes to educate themselves (and their family and friends) about their disease. It targets young seniors and is usable by people with different backgrounds and education levels. Finally, the company &ranj will present their activities to use serious gaming and ‘games for health’ to combat disease and improve individual health. Later on the day Anne Maas will defend her PhD thesis on this topic (Playing with numbers; The development of an educational diabetes game), 16h00 at TU/e. You are all kindly invited.

You are kindly invited for the symposium ‘Playing with numbers - the development of an educational diabetes game'.
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The symposium will take place on
Date Wednesday September 6th 2017
Time 13.00 – 14.30 hours
Place Auditorium TU/e Campus Eindhoven, building 1

Target Group Huisartsen, praktijkondersteuners, internisten, diabetes verpleegkundigen, arts-assistenten, onderzoekers TU/e
Accreditation Is aangevraagd
Registration Via registration link, untill September 1st

The program will be chaired by Prof. dr. Harm Haak (MMC and MUMC+) and prof. dr. ir.  Natal van Riel (TU/e and AMC).

•    Dr. Chiara Dalla Man (Università degli Studi di Padova)
•    Prof. Dr. Hans de Vries (AMC, Amsterdam)
•    Ir. Anne Maas (MMC and TU/e, Eindhoven)
•    Michaël Bas (&ranj, serious gaming, Rotterdam)

At 16hrs Anne Maas will defend her thesis on this subject on the TU/e with the title ‘Playing with numbers; The development of an educational diabetes game’.

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