Drones in the hospital? Student team thinks so.

The Blue Jay student team of Eindhoven University of Technology today presented the drone of the future in the Ronald McDonald Living Room of the Máxima Medical Center in Veldhoven. The student team aims to demonstrate the potential of the drone technology it has developed for healthcare.

The useful drone

What is so special about this drone is that it can independently chart its flight path and carry out tasks. The drone also has led lights for eyes that are able to portray emotions. And the drone is perfectly safe.

Dennis Marinissen, PR manager of the team is enthusiastic: "We want this demonstration to show that the implementation of this kind of technology in our daily lives is closer than some people think."

The medical specialists and engineers of MMC are interested in the care applications of this drone, for instance delivering medication to patients in the hospital. Marlies Bongers, gynecologist at Máxima Medical Center sees the possibilities: "I am convinced that innovation in the hospital can make a good contribution to the future of healthcare. For example, conducting patients from arrival at the hospital to their appointment."

The 21 students will now transfer the baton to the next team who will go on with the development of the useful drone.

Photo: Bram Saeys