Definitive sanction for ESC: reduced grant and no access to ceremonies

A 25 percent reduction on the board grants in 2018, and the rest of the calendar year no access to the academic ceremonies of TU/e. This is the sanction imposed by the Executive Board on the Eindhoven Student Corps (ESC) student association after the ESC Aleph affair, whereby the Aleph had devised a highly female-unfriendly theme for its carnival party.

The university executive disapproves of the inappropriate invitation by the Aleph debating society, the initial slow action of the ESC against Aleph, but is now very pleased with the actions the association took afterwards. The Executive Board values the care and rigor of the ESC’s internal ‘jurisprudence’, the initiatives taken to open the subject to discussion and the acceptance of the consequences whereby the association will take the sanctions on board. The Executive Board announced this to the association yesterday. 
The definitive sanction of the Executive Board is primarily based on the invitation to a Carnival party of the ESC debating society Aleph that exceeded the norms , and secondly, the slowness with which the ESC board initially took action against its debating society, but also how the ESC board acted afterwards. The leadership of the student association later pulled itself together and took adequate, firm steps. The association thus clearly distanced itself from the debating society, its members and their party theme.

Furthermore, the association suspended all the members of the Aleph debating society for four months from all association activities and has denied them access to the ESC society for the rest of the academic year. The ESC is also initiating a broader discussion in the Eindhoven student community about inappropriate behavior within associations, especially with regard to inclusiveness. 
At the ESC, 2 board members receive an administration grant of 289 euros per month. The total amount of these allowances has now been reduced by 25 percent over the entire academic year. The purpose of board grants is to enable students to make a full-time commitment to their association.