SustainaBul: Atlas building is the ‘most iconic sustainable project in higher education’

The Atlas building has won the SustainaBul prize for the ‘most iconic, innovative and sustainable’ project among higher education institutions in the Netherlands. In the corresponding sustainability ranking for the institutions as a whole, TU/e is second after Wageningen. This was announced last Friday.

TU/e and Wageningen thereby keep the ranking places awarded last year in the SustainaBul list, a Dutch ranking that reviews sustainability and transparency within the four themes of education, research, operations and integral approach. The ranking has been going for six years and over this period TU/e has always held a good position on this list that includes twenty institutions.

The Atlas building is the former TU/e Main Building, which is currently undergoing a full renovation. This is the first time that SustainaBul has awarded a separate prize for the most outstanding sustainable project, with the Atlas building the recipient this year. “It’s fantastic to see how students, researchers and companies fully integrate sustainability into all aspects of the renovation,” said Luna Meister, member of the board of Higher Education for Tomorrow, about Atlas. Earlier this year the building received the highest international sustainability award from BREEAM for educational buildings.