TU/e again number 1 worldwide in research with industry

TU/e has the strongest research cooperation with industry of all universities worldwide. This is shown by the ranking published this week by CWTS of Leiden University. Of all the university’s scientific publications, 15.6% are the result of research cooperation with industry. TU/e has been at the top of this ranking since the first edition in 2009.

In that year’s edition, 10.5% of the scientific output of TU/e included a representative from industry in the list of authors. Now, four years later, the figure has risen to 15.6% – an increase of around fifty percent in absolute terms.

TU/e was also at the top of the ranking by the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) at Leiden University in the intervening years, but CWTS did not then show a precise order. In those years the list only showed that TU/e was among the top 10. Now CWTS again shows the exact position in the list.

“Of course we’re delighted with our number 1 position in this ranking”, says Arno Peels, chairman of the TU/e Executive Board. “The fact that we have been at the top of the CWTS list right from the start shows the stability of the unique and intensive partnerships between TU/e and industry, and specifically with high tech companies in the Brainport Eindhoven region. It’s also good to see that these partnerships have increased substantially. This underlines their success – all the parties involved find they create so much value that they are prepared to make extra investments in them.”

To make its ranking, CWTS lists the 500 universities around the world with the highest scientific output. Several indicators are used, including the partnerships with industry. In the ranking by scientific quality TU/e takes 94th place.

Other universities in the Netherlands also have high rankings on the CWTS list of university-industry collaboration. The top 25 also includes the universities of Delft (2), Wageningen (18) and Twente (24). The rankings are available at: http://www.leidenranking.com/ranking (select indicators ‘Collaboration’ and ‘PP (UI collab)’.