Student Sports Centre Eindhoven

The SSC has over 13.000 members and is the heart of Eindhoven student life!



For 50 years TU/e- and Fontys students, employees and alumni have been enjoying the most complete sports program in Eindhoven. After work and study the SSC is the meeting point for exercise, sports and socializing.

We offer 70 sports, fitness and (special) courses backed by our team of (professional sports) teachers. With our 40 student sports clubs you can show your sports skills, your talent for management and enjoy student life to the fullest. You can work out anytime you want in our extensive facilities. 

For just € 90,- a year, you can exercise seven days per week, during or after course hours at the SSC.


Sports program

Tennis, (indoor)football, (beach)volleyball, judo, boxing, swimming, athletics, speed skating, cheerleading, fitness, squash, core class, Pilates, capoeira, Fuse, spinning, aerial silks, yoga, rugby, zumba…and so much more. The SSC offers around 400 lessons per week. As a sports card holder you can join any of these lessons*. No waiting lists, no registration, no extra costs. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete, there is always a class/training for you.

* Lessons of the student sports clubs are only open to students.

Student Sport Associations

Our student sports clubs (SSV) are at the heart of Eindhoven student sport and the Student Sports Centre (SSC). In cooperation with the Eindhoven Studenten Sport Federatie (ESSF) and the SSC our clubs provide a huge range of opportunities to train, play and compete in sports, no matter what your passion, ability or level. Although competition is a feature of many of the sports at the SSC, clubs also cater to students who may not wish to compete but want to train in a particular sport for the health- and fitness benefits, and already sniff out life at a student sports club.

Getting involved in a sports club is an ideal way to keep fit, to learn a new skill, to meet people with similar interests, and to provide a welcome break from academic life. SSC sports clubs are, for the most part student-run and student-led, so you can play your sport as well as lead and develop your club. With nearly 40 sport clubs to choose from, ranging from team sports, adventure sports, water sports, martial arts and endurance sports, there is something for everyone!

Involvement in SSC sports clubs will ensure that your student life is an enjoyable and rewarding experience!



Floating at great heights or diving into unknown places; being the best 'swinger' of the group or dancing like a true diva. With our special courses you can achieve, experience and learn all these things. In addition to our complete sports schedule, in which you can always participate, we also have several (free) introduction courses. These courses are the perfect way to discover and learn a new sport. For most of these courses we charge an extra fee to cover the costs. Our student sports clubs also organize introduction courses / lessons throughout the year.

NB: For our courses you have to sign up and (usually) an extra fee is required. For the lessons of our class schedule signing up is not needed; you can always join using your sports card. 


A good health is a condition to be able to exercise. For that reason we offer our sports card holders several possibilities to improve their health or to recover from a (sports)injury. Discover the different activities we offer to increase your vitality. 



The SSC sports facilities rank among the best in the Netherlands and reflect the popularity and significance that the TU/e gives to university sports. Most sporting activities take place at the own SSC accommodation at the campus. For some sports we hire facilities outside the campus, like the ‘IJssportcentrum Eindhoven’ and ‘Manege Sonniushof’.


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