SSC Swimming School

Get your swimming certificate at the SSC!

Get your swimming certificate at the SSC!

The Student Sport Centre has a 25-meter swimming pool with an adjustable floor. Besides the lessons for our sports card holders, the SSC swimming school also provides lessons aimed at children and women. For women we also offer Aqua Fit lessons.

Swimming for kids

In recent years, more than 10.000 children got their swimming certificate at the SSC Swimming School. In the ‘Van Lint Bad’, at the Student Sports Centre, we offer 6 days a week swimming lessons for children aged 4 to 12 years. In groups of no more than 12 children, we practice all aspects of swimming. The lessons are taught according to the ABC-method and without the use of floating gear. Our enthusiastic and qualified swimming teachers make every lesson fun for the children. We swim in 12 weeks cycles. Every swimming cycle costs €78,- and a one-time registration fee of €10,- (from September 2019 the prices change). 

From January 2019 the price for the diploma will change to €12,50. From September 2019 the price for the swimming cycle will change to €84,-.


Swimming for women

Since 2009 the Student Sport Centre offers the possibility for (foreign) women to follow swimming lessons or join our open swimming. Obtaining the national swimming certificates A, B and C is among the options. These swimming lessons are only taught by female instructors. During the lessons, the swimming pool is completely fenced off for spectators. A swimming lesson is 45 minutes long and takes place in groups of no more than 15 women. The price for 16 lessons is €102.


NB: currently we have a waiting list for kids swimming lessons until September 2019. When you sign up, the lessons will start in September 2019.


An impression of the SSC Swimming School and our instructors