A good health is a condition to be able to exercise!


The Health & Vitality program is being supported by our partners 'Sportplein Eindhoven' and 'Topsupport-St Anna' and consists of consultation hours (advice), training, courses, workshops and facilities.

Vitality week

The Vitality week, in which the Day of Physical Health takes place, is an annual event during which employees can 'test' the current state of their healthTU/e employees of 40+ can have a Health Check, TU/e Employees of 40- can have a Fit Check. Further you can participate in challenging, playful and informative activities about your health and vitality. Together with colleagues you can also get to know mindfulness. You can register from the ending of October via the SSC website. You don't need a sportscard to participate in this week.

TU/e Keeps You Moving

The SSC has come up with something quite special: an active break for TU/e employees: Fit Break! A 15 minute stretch class at the workplace. Experience the Fit Break and feel what it does to your body.

Give your body and mind a break!
Special trained SSC- instructors visit your workplace and offer you and your colleagues a short program full of relaxation-, strength- and stretch exercises in small groups of 5-10 people. The program focusses on your shoulders, neck, and back and can be adapted to the individual needs of the group. The program takes place during working hours, and can be done in your working clothes. For 10 weeks, you will do different exercises with and without small sports equipment. After 15 minutes your head will be free again and you will continue work with a boost of motivation and concentration.

For questions or more information you can contact:


ACE Your Journey

The “ACE Your Journey” project sponsored by Active Campus Europe (ACE) is a 6-week introductory exercise program for students (autumn and spring) and employees (spring) looking to receive extra support in becoming more active. Participating in sports not only helps you to get fit, it also helps you to improve your social life, to build confidence and to give you an advantage in learning new skills. Therefore, we warmly welcome new non-sports card holders who would like to kickstart their journey to discover how a healthy lifestyle can transform you inside out. Let our top coaches and instructors inspire you! The SSC offers basic-level health activities for groups of students and individual exercisers. Our goal is to offer personalized guidance so that you can lay a foundation for a more active and vital life. The ACE Your Journey project is a 6-week course, which costs €20,- and includes unlimited access to the sports center (valid for 2 months). The program is only open to non-sport card holders. If you decide to purchase a SSC-membership after 2 months, your €20 will be deducted from your membership cost after you have successfully completed the course. Participants are expected to exercise under the guidance of a professional instructor three times per week for a minimum of 30 minutes per session

To register for the 6-week journey, please send an email with your contact information and student status to Registration is limited to 30 participants, so don’t hesitate to send us a message that you would like to join!


International Spouse Program

We warmly welcome all our incoming spouses and partners! New to Eindhoven and want to get more involved in recreation? The Spouse Program offers a great chance to try out health, wellness and vitality activities under the guidance of experienced, female instructors. The SSC offers basic-level health activities to women in small, personalized groups. Our Spouse Program courses are an excellent learning environment to get better acquainted with our sports centre, with our wide range of activities, and most importantly, with each other! 

For more information or questions you can contact: or check our brochure!


KANS/RSI Instruction

The KANS/RSI instruction is an cooperation with the AMVS/DPO and is regularly organized for new employees. It is possible to follow the group instruction on location.

* Some program's require a small fee.



Besides exercising, you can also relax at the SSC. We offer massages, classic, relaxing, sport and hot stone. The SSC also has an sauna and two sun beds. So, relax and reserve a massage, the sauna or a sun bed.

* There is a small fee required.

Consultation hours/advice