Providing Opportunities for PhD students 3.TU

The TU/e PROOF program is specifically aimed at PhD students, and aims to support PhD students in the development of transferable skills, needed to successfully finish their PhD as well as to prepare for the next career step. The PROOF program is now open for registration for PhD students from TU Twente and TU Delft.

The  table below lists the courses  and suggests  in which phase of the PhD project they should be followed. The courses are designed to match the specific PhD phase. However, PhD students are free to follow the courses at any other time during their PhD project. Please check the download in the right column for all course descriptions and course dates.

Registering for courses
TU Delft and TU Twente PhD students may register for  PROOF program courses by filling out the webform. After filling in and submitting this form, you will receive confirmation once your registration has been completed. Three weeks in advance of the course you will receive further information on the course location, your trainer, and, if applicable, assignments to be send to the trainer in advance of the course.

In case we receive too few registrations for a course, the course will be canceled, usually three weeks in advance. If the course is cancelled, you will be informed, and you are free to register for another course.

 If for some reason you are  unable to attend the course you registered for, please inform us as soon as possible, so we can make your place available  to  other PhD students.

1st year

2nd year

3rd year

  • Skills Analysis
  • Taking Charge of your PhD Project
  • Scientific Integrity
  • Information Literacy and Research Data Management
  • Cultural Diversity at Work
  • Poster Pitch
  • Giving an Audience-Focused Presentation
  • Writing Articles and Abstracts
  • Supervising Master Students
  • Supervision on Supervising skills
  • Teaching Skills for PhD Students
  • How to start your own business