Common room for international TU/e students and staff

The TU/e has a common room for the international students and staff (and their Dutch colleagues, of course).

The common room is a place where you can go to meet others, in an easy atmosphere. But also many activities take place there, like movie or game nights, and performances.

You can also book the common room for activities you'd like to organize. Check with the students who run the CR through email:

The common room is situated on the ground floor of the TU/e Metaforum building. Look for it in the south west corner of the building, adjacent to the big plaza. Room number: MF 0.090.

To find your way on the TU/e campus, see our campus map or download the TU/e navigation app from the app store.

More information and opening hours
The TU/e international common room has an active Facebook page. That page is used to announce activities, and to publish photo's of events. Also you can find the most recent opening hours there.