Get in Touch program wins international award

The program that TU/e offers to the accompanying spouses of its international employees received solid international recognition in 2014. On November 7th 2014 in London the program was awarded the 'EMMA 2014' in the category 'Best family support program'. The EMMA's are the 'Expatriate and Mobility Management Awards'.

The program was developed by social entrepreneur Carola Eijsenring through her company Indigo-Wereld, in close cooperation with Willem van Hoorn, policy advisor internationalization at the TU/e HRM department. As such the program represents a nice example of a fruitful private-public cooperation. Indigo-Wereld now runs the program for TU/e.

About the program
The full name of the program is 'Get in Touch With People and Places in Eindhoven', usually shortened to 'Get in Touch' or 'GiT'. The main objectives of the program are to help the participants establish a new social network in Eindhoven and get to explore the city.

Lots of different activities
Among others the program consists of weekly meetings, during which the participants visit places of interest in the city (like the cultural institutions, special shops and the city library). During workshops the participants reflect upon the effects that the migration to Eindhoven has on their lives. Special attention is given to local events, like the Glow Festival, Halloween, Sinterklaas en Carnival.

The program is scaffolded by a Facebook group and an on-line blog in which the participants share experiences.

Indigo-Wereld and the TU/e had a movie made about the Get in Touch program. In just under 11 minutes that movie gives a good impression of what the spouses experience after the migration to Eindhoven, about the program itself and about the positive effects that participating has for the spouses involved.

You can watch the movie on YouTube.