Residence permit: extension/change of purpose

During your stay in the Netherlands it might be the case you need an extension of your residence permit or it might be necessary to change the purpose of your residence permit (f.e. changing from the purpose 'knowledge migrant' to 'scientific researcher directive 2016/801).

The extension/change of purpose is applied through the recognized sponsor (TU/e).

We distinguish the following purposes of a residence permit:

An extension/change of purpose can take place on the basis of:

  • TU/e employment contract (you are 'on payroll');
  • TU/e guest agreement (you have a scholarship or an employer in your home country);
  • a combination of these two.

For any extension/change of purpose you need to make sure the application is submitted and received by the IND before the expiry date of the residence permit. This is important to avoid a residence gap. A residence gap is an interruption in the legal residence which has consequences when one wants to apply for a residence permit for indefinite time.