TU/e and its industrial partners are looking for 250 PhD candidates with a passion for research and innovation

Together with its partners in industry and research, TU/e (Eindhoven University of Technology) is looking for 250 extra PhD candidates in the coming year. The university is investing a total of more than € 23 million for this purpose, and is making available the required accommodation and facilities. Companies and fellow research institutes are investing a further € 30-40 million.

Through this initiative, TU/e and its partners aim to strengthen the research partnerships in important areas such as energy, health, mobility, high-tech systems, data science and materials. These are fields in which numerous companies and organizations in the Brainport region are working on innovative solutions. TU/e and its partners aim in this way to reverse the decline in numbers of PhD candidates resulting from the pressure on government funding.

PhD candidates carry out scientific research at a university over a four-year period, after which they write their doctoral thesis. In those four years the researchers generate new scientific knowledge. TU/e announced at the beginning of 2013 that it was allocating € 13 million, and 66 PhD positions have been created with these funds. A further 10 million has now been added to this funding. The university is also providing accommodation and facilities. For each PhD position funded by TU/e, companies and fellow research institutes will finance an additional position. The total number of PhD positions will be around 250.

Focus on innovation and grand challenges

The PhD positions will become available in the following clusters:

 Research clusters

Strategic area Energy


also see Chemelot InSciTe 

Built Environment

Biobased Building Blocks

Extreme Conditions & Materials

Biomedical Devices

Future Fuels



Intelligent Lighting

Strategic area Health

Infrastructure and Testbeds

Regenerative Engineering

Interaction and Design

Personalized health technologies

Optics and rendering

Perinatal Monitoring




Strategic area Smart Mobility


Cooperative & Autonomous driving

Wireless Sensor Networks

EV Efficiency


Traffic Management & Logistics

Data Science

Data Driven Value Propositions

Healthcare Smart Maintenance

Optimizing Healthcare Workflows

Continuous Personal Health

Data Analytics for Lighting

Perceptive Software (theme Business process models)

SynerScope (theme Visual analytics)

Adversitement (theme Web analytics)

Interested in a PhD position?

These PhD positions will become available in phases in the coming year. 

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