Hybrid teaching positions for external parties

Working in business and in education

A hybrid teaching position offers you the chance to combine two interests: your work as a specialist in your professional field and a teaching role at TU/e. This enables you to share your knowledge, experience and practical skills with our students. Also, it increases the university's teaching capacity. Moreover, your examples from your own practice bring the world of business closer to the student, easing the transition from studying to working.  

Knowledge and skills from professional practice are invaluable for our students. Therefore, we are keen on working together with businesses by offering hybrid teaching positions. As a hybrid teacher you could supervise students in their final projects, support lecturers in preparing teaching materials or develop teaching materials yourself. 

Become a hybrid teacher

It is important that you have an academic background, as well as a suitable background, motivation, and interest in coaching, supervising and teaching students in an attractive way. You do not need to have a teaching qualification although you must hold a university degree. During your intake we will see if any additional training is needed.

If you are interested in a hybrid teaching position at TU/e, please send us the following:

  • CV or link to your updated profile on LinkedIn
  • Short motivation
  • Name(s) of the research group(s) that would be a good fit for you. This information will help us match you with the right department(s).

We would love to hear from you via hybridteaching@tue.nl.

Hybrid teacher at TU/e

Hybrid teachers bring industry practice into the lecture hall

It is still something of a well-kept secret, the possibility of using hybrid teachers from industry in education at TU/e. “These people have a wealth of experience and often bring a fresh perspective.” There can be no livelier examples of real-world practice. The pilot run by Brainport has already brought a good number of ‘industry mentors’ to TU/e, but supply is still outstripping demand. To boost take-up, pilot participants are happy to share their experience: “Thanks to hybrid teachers the course could be taught in small groups and there was plenty of opportunity to talk about real-world electronics.”

Working as hybrid teacher

Hear about the experiences with hybrid teaching from various people.

Experiences with hybrid teaching at TU/e