Learning & Development

TU/e encourages and facilitates the continuous personal development of its academics. As an employee, you will have free access to high-quality training programs. The major areas for professional development for academics at TU/e are Research, Education, Management and Valorization. The training programs for scientific staff aim to equip you with a well-rounded toolkit for a successful career in the academic arena. Each program consists of courses or modules that you can take separately, so you can select the ones that suit your personal goals, development opportunities and schedule.

Management Training Program

As a scientist, managing fellow scientists can be quite a challenge. In addition to research and educational responsibilities, highly-educated academic staff members on our campus also have managerial and organizational responsibilities. TU/e finds it very important that you are properly prepared for performing these tasks and receive proper support.

Not every general management program is suitable or useful in our academic context. That is why Professional Development has developed its own courses in performing managerial tasks on various levels. TU/e offers leadership training to assistant professors, associate professors, professors and directors.

Research and Valorization Training Program

To help you reinforce your skills in the areas of Research and Valorization, the courses within this program will teach you for example about ways to exploit your research results, creating compelling stories for non-peers, pursuing personal grants, managing scientific projects, but also on maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

  • Vitality and Personal Effectiveness

  • Valorization

  • Personal Grants

TEACH Training Program

All employees with a teaching task will agree that teaching is a profession. Only a small number of teaching staff have actually been formally trained in this profession. The purpose of training courses within the TEACH training program is to help starting, as well as experienced, lecturers perform their teaching tasks as professionally as possible. The University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) is regarded as proof of the competence of teachers who teach in academic settings.

  • Didactical Courses

    These courses are specifically tailored to the educational approach of TU/e and offer lecturers a platform for exchanging experiences with each other.

  • UTQ-program

    The University Teaching Qualification is used as a means to improve didactic schooling of teachers and as an instrument for assuring the quality of university education. All institutes of academic higher education in the Netherlands employ similar criteria for the level of this qualification.

  • Customized Training

    In addition to the regular program, TEACH offers customized didactical courses and workshops, tailored to the wishes of a specific group of TU/e employees or department.