Partner Career Support Program

Are you considering moving to The Netherlands for a new career opportunity? We understand that this will create new opportunities for you and your partner, but also new challenges. Moving to another country, with different habits, rules, and traditions can be a big step. So you want to be well prepared for this journey. At TU/e we want to help you with this process.

We find it essential to support and facilitate you and your partner with the move. Therefore, it is our priority to make this decision process a well-informed adventure for you both. Gaining a better understanding about your (partner’s) career opportunities in the Eindhoven area may offer another piece of the puzzle.

That's why we have developed the Partner Career Support Program in collaboration with Expat Spouses Initiative (ESI). To help you, as an accompanying partner, understand the Dutch job market and optimize your job search process.

In short: the TU/e Partner Career Support Program offers a personalized two-step approach with a career briefing and a career roadmap. Please find more information about the two steps below. Combined with workshops, networking events, job search guidance, and a community of like-minded peers, ESI will help you to get accustomed to living in the Netherlands. The program is ultimately designed to meet your unique needs. If you are interested, please contact the HR advisor or recruiter of the department your partner is already in touch with.

Career Briefing

ESI provides you the information and a walk-through of the career landscape in the Netherlands, arming you with the right information either in the process of relocation or after having arrived in Eindhoven. 


    Career landscape of the Brainport Eindhoven region.


    Overview of recruitment processes in the Netherlands.

    Typical international roadblocks and suggestions to overcome them.


    Analyzing your professional background.

    Information about companies & opportunities relevant to your background.


    Assessing your profile for the roadmap.

Career Roadmap

In this second step together, ESI proceeds with a coaching process to create new perspectives, work on an action plan to achieve your career goals.


    Clarifying implicit expectations regarding your role, compensation, and opportunities for your growth.


    Designing an action plan for the next 90 days to accelerate your career move.


    Offering you support in the execution of the action plan.

    Supporting your research about local companies and opportunities.


    Extending your research with other support.

    Supporting you to pursue emerging opportunities, making connection interviews, or other relevant support.


Because the success of your career search depends on so many factors, we cannot guarantee employment. The result will depend on both the opportunities available and on you. However, we firmly believe that together we thrive, and we are looking forward to welcoming your family to the Eindhoven area soon! 

Career opportunities in the Eindhoven area

Integrate, Accelerate and Connect for a Brighter Future

ESI career consultants specialized in career development areas will host an orientation, and together you will determine the strategy and objectives to help you reach your career goals. Additionally, ESI will enable you to kick-start your professional network by introducing you to biggest professional network in the region. Also, you will have exclusive access to the career events hosted by ESI.


The TU/e Partner Career Support Program is available for all the partners and spouses of prospective professors (assistant, associate and full) of TU/e. Are you eligible for the program and require career or employment-related support that is not listed here, please contact the HR advisor or recruiter of the department your partner is already in touch with.  

While support for the partners of PhD and postdoc candidates is not offered directly via TU/e, we encourage you to reach out directly to the Expat Spouses Initiative for guidance on your career journey in Brainport via this online form. ESI will consider your needs separate from your affiliation with the university. 


Mechanical Engineer
Relocated from Italy
Working at Modis Engineering

“It was pivotal for me to have the guidance from industry experts (ESI) and the support of the international and local network of TU/e during my professional journey. I always felt at home in Eindhoven and also very welcomed here.”

My journey in Eindhoven started in November 2016, when I accompanied my partner, who accepted a Postdoc position at the Department of Electrical Engineering at TU/e. We chose the Brainport region and TU/e precisely because of the technological ecosystem and high quality of life in Eindhoven city. The moving and settling were quite easy as the city is quite international oriented. It was quite impressive to see how TU/e and its partners, emphasize the social and professional integration of the accompanying partners, and make sure that the entire family feels at home in the region.

How was it to pursue your career in Eindhoven?

The first challenge when I arrived from Italy was to accept that things work differently in the Dutch labor market. At the beginning of my career search, I had an opportunity to attend the Partner Career Support Program organized by TU/e and ESI, which helped in kick-starting my career. The program helped me in expanding my network by connecting to like-minded people. Over these years in Eindhoven, I have worked on several projects and progressed professionally.

“We encourage you to start talking about dual career opportunities from the start. After all, the decision to move is made together." Frank Baaijens, former rector magnificus at TU/e



Data Analyst
Relocated from Iran
Working at Summa College

“I would recommend every accompanying partner to step out of the bubble and try to integrate with the local society. Jump-start your professional career in the Brainport Eindhoven region by building on local insights and contacts.”


We initially came to Eindhoven because of my husband’s job at TU/e. However, after settling down, we found out that Eindhoven is very close to our dream city because of its internationalization and technological potential. Settling in at a new place has its challenges, but I was amazed to see how friendly and helping the people are here.


Just like most places, there is more than one way to find a job in the Netherlands. Online applications are a good starting point, but it is pivotal to build your network. TU/e introduced me to several social and professional integration communities, which helped me in expanding my network. Very early in my journey, I was introduced to ESI, which gave me an opportunity to work on a project with the city government along with the mentorship program. The Partner Career Support Program had a very instrumental role in kick-starting my professional journey.

TU/e and ESI collaborate for Partner Career Support

In the scope of the Partner Career Support Program, TU/e collaborates with Expat Spouses Initiative to support you with your career move. ESI connects internationals, especially partners or spouses of international workers in the region, with local opportunities bottom-up, community-driven. They are now the largest professional network in the Brainport Eindhoven region, with more than 3,500 local international professionals. They particularly support international talent to move closer to the Dutch labor market and accelerate their professional integration in the Eindhoven region and beyond.


To summarize, TU/e does not only actively lend a voice to ‘dual career’ as a topic, but proactively offers partner career support with this program. We understand that the importance of a partner’s career is often a critical factor in a couple’s decision to relocate to a new professional home. That's why our Partner Career Support Program helps you grow your career successfully. Starting from pre-offer to the settling-in stage. We hope that this will inspire you to think about your professional goals upon relocating.

It is unfair that one partner has to give up a career to support the other. TU/e not only understands this, but leads the way with action. This is a bold program that is ahead of its times, because it empowers the accompanying professional to think about, map, and act on his or her career move, even before the partner decides to accept an offer from TU/e. We are glad to partner with TU/e in this inspiring co-creation.” 

Kavitha Varathan, Founder & CEO Expat Spouses Initiative

Explore working and living in the Brainport region

Marta Martinez Moro

Material (and Process) R&D Engineer
Relocated from ...
Working at SCIL Nanoimprint Solutions (Philips)

"The program offered in collaboration with the Expat Spouse Initiative is really helpful when you arrive in the Netherlands and you are trying to find your way."

First, I was presented a brief introduction to the Dutch labor market. It was useful to have a look at the different opportunities depending on your background. Then, I had three coaching sessions with the career coach. They were really fruitful since she helped me to establish my goals and improve my CV and cover letter. She gave me tips for the interviews and also her point of view about my possibilities in Eindhoven. The program offered by the TUe is really complete and helpful. Thanks to ESI's help I have been hired by YER to work as a Material (and Process) R&D Engineer in SCIL Nanoimprint Solutions (Philips).