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Driven to use science and technology to provide society with solutions for challenges of today and tomorrow, you are eager to learn and explore: in research, education, creating impact and teaming up with new partners.  

Conditions of employment

We offer our employees market-based salaries and 41 vacation days (for a 40-hour working week). PhD students and PDEng trainees (technological designers) are part of our staff and get paid during their training. They are entitled to employee benefits and have access to various campus facilities, including childcare and a sports center, at a special staff rate.

Travel reimbursement

All TU/e employees qualify for a travel allowance based on the costs of a second-class annual rail card. Our selection model allows employees to adjust their gross monthly salary, holiday allowance and/or end-of-year bonus to receive extra travel allowance (tax exchange).

NS Railway Card

We offer our employees the facility of an NS-Business Card for all your commuting, private and business travel needs. All the costs (work and non-work) made with the NS Business Card are deducted from your salary. Season tickets are another option.

Costs of moving house

Employees who live more than 25km from TU/e are eligible for an untaxed moving costs compensation that is designed to encourage them to move within 10km of the university. The compensation comprises a maximum reimbursement of € 2,268 (PhD/PDEng) and € 4,537.80 (all other personnel).

30% facility

Foreign employees who comply with certain conditions, can make use of the so-called ‘30% facility’. This attractive facility has been designed to ease the economic burden on new arrivals to the country. permits you not to pay tax on 30% of your salary. Find out more here.

Maternity leave

All pregnant mothers are entitled to at least 16 weeks of fully paid maternity leave, split into two components before and after the birth.

Parental leave

Our paid parental leave scheme allows employees who have children to take up to 13 weeks of leave at 62.5% of their regular salary. It is possible to take a further 13 weeks of unpaid parental leave.

Group health insurance

Our employees (and members of their family) can take advantage of TU/e’s group health insurance. This is underwritten by the health insurance company Aon.

Group work disability insurance

Our group insurance covers illness and occupational disability. In the case of partial incapacity to work, you will receive at least 70% of your last salary. As an employee of TU/e, it is also possible to get a discounted rate on full occupational disability insurance.