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Eindhoven University of Technology is an international university, where one third of the academic staff consists of foreign staff. Moving to another country, with its different habits, rules and procedures, can be a big step. To ensure you feel at home as quickly as possible, we will do everything in our power to smoothly guide you in your move to Eindhoven.

Staff Immigration Team

TU/e has a special support team to help you with your transfer to Eindhoven. We can assist you with the inevitable paperwork, housing, residence and work permits and other practical matters. You can reach us by sending an e-mail to


Eindhoven is a dynamic, young city with a large and growing population of students and internationals. Housing in Eindhoven for international employees is mainly offered by commercial housing agencies. These agencies offer housing via their websites. Commercial housing agencies offer housing that varies from a student room to luxury homes. Housing can be fully furnished, semi-furnished or unfurnished. If you are interested, you can contact the agency for more information. 

Family friendly

TU/e promotes and supports a healthy work-life balance and has many facilities to help you and your family feel right at home.

Partner Career Support Program

TU/e offers a unique partner career support program in collaboration with Expat Spouses Initiative. What makes this program special is that we reach out to accompanying partners, even before we make a job offer. So even before you have accepted a position as assistant, associate or full professor at TU/e, your partner can be assisted in job search needs. Your partner will get useful information on the local Dutch labor market and job search techniques. For more information, please go to the Partner Career Support Program on our website, or reach out to the HR advisor of the department where you are applying for a position. 

Family Reunion

TU/e can apply for family reunion on your behalf, in order to enable your partner (and children) to travel to the Netherlands. For any stay over 90 days, family members and relatives require a residence permit, unless they come from a country that belongs to the European Union or the European Economic Area or Switzerland. For more information, please send an e-mail to our Staff Immigration Team.  

Exercise at the TU/e Sports Center

In the heart of the campus you will find TU/e's Sports Center (SSC). Not only students, but also alumni, staff members ánd their partners are welcome to participate in the largest sports program in Eindhoven. Members of the SSC hail from all corners of the world. More than 100 different nationalities exercise weekly in and around the sports center. Sport itself is an easy way to build a (new) social life in Eindhoven, but next to all sports activities the SSC also organizes various other activities, such as an extensive Summer program. Whether you are 100% Dutch or have your roots in another country, the entire offer is bilingual: Dutch and English. Together with students and staff, the SSC provides a safe sports environment where everyone can feel at home.

Get in Touch Program 

The Get in Touch (GiT) program helps international spouses find an anchoring in their new residence. It supports internationals to find their way in Eindhoven, build and strengthen their social networks and prepare themselves for new meaningful steps in their lives in a new environment. Eventually leading towards sense of ‘belonging’ here and feeling at home. In the past years, this program has grown into a broad service for international TU/e spouses. Please find more information on the ‘Get in Touch’ website.

Introduction Day

To make sure you feel welcome and at home on our TU/e campus, both you and your partner will be invited to an introduction day for new employees. This day offers valuable information about TU/e, Eindhoven, and the Netherlands. You will be able to connect with colleagues to directly start expanding your TU/e network. Partners can attend together or separately, especially if one joins later. The event will include representatives from the Get in Touch Program and Partner Career Support Program, who will warmly welcome your partner, address queries, and introduce them to the programs.

A thriving community

At TU/e, we have many communities of staff and students from home and abroad. Our open, informal, and supportive environment fosters personal growth, encouraging all to engage actively. We believe that through personal connections, passion, curiosity, and collaboration, innovation thrives in our TU/e community. Please explore TU/e's communities, networks, and associations for employees here. To find the a complete overview of all TU/e communities, you can click the link below. 

Academic Broadening

Studium Generale

Broaden your horizon in scientific, cultural and societal areas and develop a curious attitude to meet the world. Now and in the future.

LGBTQIA+ Community


Compass provides a fully inclusive community for LGBTQIA+ people, as well as straight cis friends and allies. Our goal is to celebrate…

Life questions association


TINT Eindhoven supports both Dutch and international students in Eindhoven (BSc, MSc, PhD, and EngD) with personal development and life…

Networking Group for female scientific staff TU/e

Women in Science - Eindhoven (WISE) Network

WISE network is a network for female scientific staff at TU/e. Supported by the University Board, the network was founded in March 2007. 

Postdoc Association

The TU/e Postdoc Association aims to provide a platform for postdocs at TU/e to network and get support specifically tailored to their…

PhD association

E.P.A. Nexus

Eindhoven PhD Association (E.P.A.) Nexus is the association for all PhD candidates of the TU/e.

Get In Touch

A social support program for international spouses that assists in building a community, meeting new people while exploring the small yet beautiful, multicultural Eindhoven city.

Networking association

TU/e Young Academy of Engineering

TU/e Young Academy of Engineering is a network of young talented scientists at TU/e.

General PhD Council

The General PhD Council is a platform for all PhD candidates at TU/e. It is composed of members from the departmental PhD Councils, ensuring…

Student Sports Center Eindhoven

The Student Sport Center Eindhoven offers sports, recreation, health and relaxation to all students and employees.

Staff association

Colleagues United

As a staff association we offer employees all kinds of opportunities for relaxation and personal development in the field of culture, art…


Over 40,000 internationals live and work in the Eindhoven region. That is why Eindhoven pays a lot of attention to making sure the region is attractive to international talents and their families. Please find more information on the Brainport Eindhoven website and via the links below. 

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