26 January 2018

On 26th January, Strategic Area Energy organizes its fifth Energy Research Meet. This quarterly event is an opportunity for energy researchers of the TU/e to meet and exchange. Through short pitches, TU/e scientists present their research projects, and talk prospects and ambitions with their colleagues and external contacts.
"A truly insightful event for anyone who values sustainability; in essence it is capital destruction not to be informed on progress that is being made" (quote by one of the pitchers).

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15h00 Reception
15h15 Welcome & Introduction by Laetitia Ouillet, director Strategic Area Energy
15h20 Pitches
15h20 Kai Coenen - PhD
Chemisorption of  CO2 and H2O on hydrotalcite based sorbent for sorption enhanced water gas shift processes
15h30 Mark Damen - PhD
Making solar fuels using a plasma
15h40 Hungchu Chen - PhD Dynamic of land use and energy demand
15h50 Laura Kollau - PhD
A simple quantification of the liquid window of deep eutectic systems
16h00 Leila Salimi Parvaneh - PD Innovative European initiative for education in Thermal energy storage at PhD level
16h10 Len Rijvers - PDEng
PVT inSHaPe project: integrating hybrid solar collectors, heat pumps and heat storage
16h20 Koen Heijmans - PhD
A Molecular Dynamics study on the characteristics of salt hydrates for thermochemical energy storage
16h30 Nikola Boskovic - PhD Gallium Nitride based integrated power electronics
16h40 Carlos Mora Moreno - PhD Conquering turbulence in fusion plasmas: the key to design unprecedented stellarator reactors
16h50 Dannie van Osch - PhD Design and applications of hydrophobic deep eutectic solvents
17h00 Closure by Laetitia Ouillet
17h05 Networking & Drinks


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  • Participation is free, however, registration is mandatory.
  • Please note registration is in 'first come first served' basis.
  • Registration includes coffee/tea and drinks afterwards.
  • Registration will be complete once you receive a confirmation email.

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Any further questions on the Energy Meets can be sent to Elle Abzach.