TU/e Smart Energy Buildings & Cities

The TU/e Smart Energy Buildings & Cities Lectures are organized by EEI and SEB&C.

Within the ''Smart Energy Buildings and Cities'' PDEng Program in TU/e the TU/e Smart Energy Buildings & Cities are organized: a series of monthly events about energy and sustainability in the Built Environment. The aim is to have speakers from the industry in order to bring together people from different professional environments (university, industry, research laboratories etc.). By this way the exchange of ideas is promoting and everyone has the chance to think out of (his personal) the box and enhance his knowledge on the field of Built Environment.

During the event soup, coffee/tea is offered and the event is always scheduled around lunch time (more people are available at that time). The lectures’ duration is always one hour and they always begin with a welcoming  short introduction, this is also the time when the speaker will be introduced to the audience usually by the Dean of our department (or the Coordinator of the Program). Usually the presentation is scheduled for 30-40 minutes and around 30 minutes for questions and discussion. The speakers usually get an interesting feedback from the scientific community.


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12.30 – 13.30 hrs


TU/e, Vertigo building, VRT 6.06

Next Lectures

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