Bio-molecular Diagnostics

Bio-molecular Diagnostics aims to develop technologies in order to diagnose and monitor patients, timely and accurately. Expertise in molecular engineering and biophysical techniques are combined with clinical chemical assay knowledge in order to design novel sensing concepts for healthcare applications.

Challenges & breakthroughs

  • Near-patient testing & Patient monitoring
  • Sensing within complex biological systems
  • Reliable, Cost-effective, Precise


The level of complexity increases over time: starting with analytical methods for use in centralized laboratories, proceeding toward small instruments for use in medical practice and near patients, and finally the development of sensing technologies for integration into devices and disposables suited for use on the human body.


For example:


  • Catharina Hospital
  • Maxima Medical Center
  • Philips
  • Future Diagnostics
  • HyTest
  • PolyAn
  • Life Technologies
  • IMEC
  • Leuven University
  • Bremen University
  • Univ. Autonoma Barcelona
  • ESPCI Paris
  • Uppsala University


For questions or more information about this research, please contact theme leader Menno Prins.