Digital Photo Browsing with Souvenirs


Hoven, van den, E.A.W.H. & Eggen, J.H. (2003). Digital Photo Browsing with Souvenirs. In M. Menozzi, M. Rauterberg & J. Wwesson (Eds.), Human-computer interaction (INTERACT) '03 : IFIP TC 13 international conference, 1-5 September 2003 Zurich, Switzerland (pp. 1000-1003). Amsterdam: IOS Press. Lees meer: Medialink/Full text



The concept design of a recollection supporting device is implemented as a portable Photo Browser

using souvenirs as a graspable user interface. When brought into an intelligent room, the Photo Browser is able to recognize the presence of people, graspable objects, and available output devices. The ability of souvenirs to trigger recollections is used as a shortcut to (sub-) sets of photos. This paper explains the context and content of the accompanying video, which shows the Photo Browser, the associated souvenirs and displays in use.