Evaluating and predicting overall process risk using event logs


Pika, A., Van Der Aalst, W.M.P., Wynn, M.T., Fidge, C.J. & Ter Hofstede, A.H.M. (2016). Evaluating and predicting overall process risk using event logs. Information Sciences, 352-353, 98-120. In Scopus Cited 11 times.

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Companies standardise and automate their business processes in order to improve process efficiency and minimise operational risks. However, it is difficult to eliminate all process risks during the process design stage due to the fact that processes often run in complex and changeable environments and rely on human resources. Timely identification of process risks is crucial in order to insure the achievement of process goals. Business processes are often supported by information systems that record information about their executions in event logs. In this article we present an approach and a supporting tool for the evaluation of the overall process risk and for the prediction of process outcomes based on the analysis of information recorded in event logs. It can help managers evaluate the overall risk exposure of their business processes, track the evolution of overall process risk, identify changes and predict process outcomes based on the current value of overall process risk. The approach was implemented and validated using synthetic event logs and through a case study with a real event log.