Novel wide voltage range level shifter for near-threshold designs


Ashouei, M., Luijmes, H., Stuijt, J. & Huisken, J. (2010). Novel wide voltage range level shifter for near-threshold designs. 2010 17th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits, and Systems (ICECS) (pp. 285-288). In Scopus Cited 13 times.

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This paper presents a novel low-to-high level shifter that enables having voltage domains with substantially different supply voltages from near-threshold to full supply voltage. The level shifter was designed in a 90 nm CMOS technology and uses thick-oxide transistors, non-minimum channel length transistors, along with novel circuit structures to up convert from 0.36 V to 1.32 V and all the voltage levels in between for all process corners and the temperature range of [0 x00B0;C - 125 x00B0;C]. Relaxing the temperature operating range to [25 x00B0;C - 125 x00B0;C], the level shifter works deep into the sub threshold region capable of up converting from 0.31 V to 1.32 V. For the typical case operating condition, the proposed level shifter has an unprecedented performance of 1.5 ns while up converting 0.36 V to 1.32 V.