Laser Doppler thermometry in flat flames


Maaren, van, A. & Goey, de, L.P.H. (1994). Laser Doppler thermometry in flat flames. Combustion Science and Technology, 99(1), 105-118. In Scopus Cited 36 times.

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Laser Doppler Velocimetry measurements are performed in flat flames, stabilized on a newly developed flat-flame burner. It is shown that the velocity component perpendicular to the main flow direction, induced by expansion in the reaction zone and buoyancy in the burnt gas, is significant. A method is derived with which the temperature profile of flat flames can be determined from two-dimensional Laser Doppler Velocimetry measurements. Good agreement is found when compared to one-dimensional flame calculations and experimental data obtained from the literature. A method is presented to describe the influence of expansion and buoyancy on the burnt gas flow.