A polling model with reneging at polling instants


Boon, M.A.A. (2009). A polling model with reneging at polling instants. (Report Eurandom, No. 2009039). Eindhoven: Eurandom, 18 pp. Lees meer: Medialink/Full text



In this paper we consider a single-server, cyclic polling system with switch-over times and

Poisson arrivals. The service disciplines that are discussed, are exhaustive and gated service. The novel contribution of the present paper is that we consider reneging of customers at polling instants. In more detail, whenever the server starts or ends a visit to a queue, part of the customers waiting in each queue leave the system before having received service. The probability that a certain customer leaves the queue, depends on the queue in which the customer is waiting, and on the location of the server. We show that this system can be analysed by introducing customer subtypes, depending on their arrival periods, and keeping track of the moment when they abandon the system. In order to determine waiting time distributions, we regard the system as a polling model with varying arrival rates, and apply a generalised version of the distributional form of

Littleā€™s law. The marginal queue length distribution can be found by conditioning on the state of the system (position of the server, and whether it is serving or switching).