Exchange programs

Eindhoven University of Technology offers students from selected institutions the opportunity to study at one of the TU/e departments as an exchange student. The status of exchange student is a special category granted to students who participate in:

  • European Educational programs such as Erasmus and Science without Borders;
  • Exchange programs agreed by a TU/e Department with selected institutions;
  • Specific exchange programs agreed between the student's home country and the Netherlands.

An exchange student remains enrolled at their home institution and spends between one semester and one academic year pursuing their studies at TU/e. The exchange period at TU/e may be free of charge, depending on agreements made in the specific exchange program. Students may choose to follow courses, write their thesis or conduct a research project or internship. This depends on agreements made with the TU/e department.

Exchange students can transfer the credits they obtain at TU/e to their own degree through the European Credit Transfer System on the basis of a prior agreement (to be signed by the student, TU/e and the home institution) on the content of the TU/e study program.


For more information on exchange programs, visit one of the websites of the departments of the TU/e.