Bank statement

You will be informed about the procedure below once your application has been approved by the department.

  • Full details of the bank (name, address and telephone number)
  • The amount on the bank account (preferably expressed in Euros, but statements expressed in other currencies are also acceptable)
  • Your name (the account has to be fully in the name of the student)
  • The account number (the money should be in one account)
  • It should mention that the money can be freely withdrawn
  • the statement cannot be older than 3 months when the application is done

The amount depends on the length of your stay. For each month you are in the Netherlands, you must be able to prove that the amount of € 870,46 is freely at your disposal. This amount is determined from Januari 1, 2018.

The IND only counts in terms of months! For example: if you are staying from April 5 until June 9, you must be able to show you have 3 x the minimum monthly amount.