Alumni ASD

Alumni 2022

Abhishek Balakrishna Bhat MSc EngD

Project with Lightyear, the Netherlands: Assessment and preliminary Vehicle-level Architecture Design of an SAE Level 4 rated Vehicle Platform

Alireza Moayyedi MSc EngD

Project with Buurauto, AI in Motion, Smart Wayz and Future Mobility Network, the Netherlands: Design and Implementation of an Infrastructure-Independent Automated Valet Parking System into a Toyota Prius

Arjun Pradeep Kumar MSc EngD

Project with Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands: Software Design of a Perception System applied to the TruckLab Environment

Berend van den Berg MSc EngD

Project with Sycada, the Netherlands: Energy Consumption Prediction for Battery Electric Buses Design, Implementation, and Validation of a Cloud-Based Software

Kunal Iyer MSc EngD

Project with DAF Trucks, the Netherlands: CO2 Reduction potential using Dynamic V2X data

Markos Papadimitriou MSc EngD

Project with Bosch Transmission Technology and Tribus Specials, the Netherlands: Feasibility Study of an Electric CVT-Powered Midi Bus

Yash Khetan MSc EngD

Project with Punch Powertrain, the Netherlands: Using Model Based Systems Engineering to improve Traceability and form a single Source of Truth for Systems Design

Alumni 2021

Arjun Bopaiah MSc EngD

Project with Total Energies Gas Mobility and M2i, the Netherlands: Materials for compressed Fuels under dynamic Loading Conditions

Ayush Maheswari MSc EngD

Project with Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands: Development of Digital Twin Framework for TruckLab Environment

ir. Hiram Rayo Torres Rodriguez EngD

Project with NXP Semiconductors, the Netherlands: Software-and-Hardware-Aware Neural Architecture search. Towards automating the Design of Convolutional Neural Networks for Efficient Deployment on Embedded Devices

ir. Koen Elands EngD

Project with Prodrive Technologies, the Netherlands: Design of the Communication Controller Software for a smart, interconnected EV Charger. EV charging Software Development focused on bidirectional Power transfer

Tirumala Sai Ram Parvathaneni MSc EngD

Project with ASML, M2i and Van Gogh Museum, the Netherlands: Virtual Unaging of Van Gogh’s Paintings

Alumni 2020

Dhruv Jagga MSc EngD

Project with Sycada (Cloud your Bus Consortium), the Netherlands: Cloud Your Bus: Real-time Energy Consumption Prediction for Electric City Buses

Momen Abdallatif MSc EngD

Project with Valeo Schalter und Sensoren GmbH, Germany: Development of a Longitudinal Torque Controller with Multiple Motion Requesters for Automated Driving

Akshay Pakkath MSc EngD

Project with DAF Trucks, the Netherlands: Capturing the Structural, Functional, and Malfunction Architecture of the DAF MX-Engine

Ashton Menezes M.Tech EngD

Project with I-Cave and Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands: Design & Implementation of a Surround Vision System for Cooperative and Autonomous Driving; Object-Lane-Free space Detection & Pose Estimation of Targets

Salih Elhag Adam Yousif MSc EngD

Project with KAGO Electronics, the Netherlands: Design and Modelling of Switching Battery Cells Management Sys-tem (SBCMS) for Solar-Powered Storage Installations

Varun Khattar MSc EngD

Project with I-Cave and Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands: Multi-object tracking using Sensor Fusion

Achyuthan Sundarrajan M.Tech EngD

Project with DAF Trucks, the Netherlands: Range Prediction Algorithms and a Stamina Mode Strategy for Battery Electric Trucks. Estimating and extending the Range ahead of an Electric Truck from a Fuel Economy Perspective

EngD graduates

Generation 2017-2019: Ayush Jain MSc EngD, Abhishek Sharma MSc EngD, Gürbey Çeken MSc EngD, Sergio Fajardo Quintero MSc EngD, Sina Sarneizehdoost MSc EngD, Mohammad Sadegh Ariannazar MSc EngD
Generation 2016-2018: Bilgehan Bayar MSc EngD, Sharad Bhadgaonkar MSc EngD, Konstantinos-Alexandros Fragkakis M.Eng EngD, Davide Occello MSc EngD, ir. Anshuman Singh EngD, ir. Akshay Vaidhiyanathan EngD, ir. Raymond Wouters EngD
Generation 2015-2017: Sapfo Tsoutsou MSc EngD, Michail Seretis M.Eng EngD, Zhengyu Li MSc EngD, Hazem Mohamed MSc EngD, Lazaros Kefalidis M.Eng EngD, Vincent Mazoyer MSc EngD, dr. Caiyang Wei EngD, Andreas Krivas M.Eng EngD, Rameez Ismail MSc EngD, Gelila Negash Seifu MSc EngD
Generation 2014-2016: Vikram Sridhar MSc EngD, Asterios Pliatskas Stylianidis MSc EngD, Evangelos Stamatopoulos MSc EngD, Edwin Ross MSc EngD, Brian Cano Martinez MSc EngD, Arjun Krishna MSc EngD, Khaled Emam MSc EngD, Sivasubramanian Velayutham MSc EngD, Christos Vichas M.Eng, EngD,
Péter Beviz MSc EngD
Generation 2013-2015: Ivan Surovtcev MSc EngD, Ashwin Dayal George MSc EngD, Thierry Kabos MSc EngD, Dimitrios Maris M.Eng EngD, Stefano Vignati MSc EngD, Ioannis Konstantinou MSc EngD, Filip Cichosz MSc EngD, dr. Arash Khabbaz Saberi MSc EngD, Dimitrios Tzempetzis Dipl.Eng. EngD,
Preethi Ramamurthy MSc EngD, Daniel Escobar Valdivieso MSc EngD, Rishabh Dev Sharma MSc EngD
Generation 2012-2014: Tuan Ngo Ngoc MSc EngD, Jonathan Zacharia Vasu, MS EngD MBA, Anastasia Tegopoulou MSc EngD, Marinos Aspragkathos M.Eng EngD, Mahmoud Ravanan MSc EngD, Serkan Külah MSc EngD
Generation 2011-2013: Jubin Jacob MSc EngD, Petra Židková MSc EngD, Héctor Montemayor Ayala MSc EngD, Sebastiaan Voorderhake MSc EngD, Hieu Trinh MSc EngD, Jose Antonio Colin Navarrete MSc EngD, Dino Šepac MSc EngD