Davide Occello EngD

The Automotive Systems Design EngD program is not your traditional traineeship. You’ll enter the first day meeting for the first time a group of strangers. They will become your family. The management team of ASD/MSD will make sure it happens. You’ll experience a schizophrenic mix of disciplines which will stretch your brain, make it flexible, organized, ready to face any challenge. You’ll become more human as well. You’ll learn about yourself, your strengths & pitfalls, and you’ll learn about how to work as a team, like a Swiss-made clock.
Looking backward to those 2 years of intense growth, laughs and human bonds I truly believe my experience in the Automotive Systems Design EngD has been fruitful over all my expectations. I work now as a System Engineer in Lightyear, helping to develop a super-efficient solar electric car. I face every day challenges that put to the real-world test the skills and experiences I acquired in the 2 years of EngD traineeship. As Systems become more complex and more people need to work together, the skills you need to succeed are a mix of technical and human. The human part brakes down complexity and makes sense of it, the technical part is able to answer the smaller, well-structured questions that come out of it.