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Engineering Doctorate

The EngD Data Science is a joint initiative of Eindhoven University of Technology, Tilburg University, and the Data Science Centre Eindhoven. Together they founded The Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS). The academy is a thriving data science community, in which postgraduate education, innovation, entrepreneurial activities, lifelong learning, and scientific research are integrated. A major part of the EngD program Data Science is related to real-life, cross-functional projects with partners in the data science ecosystem. The academy is located in the city of 's Hertogenbosch, in the former convent Mariënburg.


Data Science is concerned with the problem of finding patterns and creating value from vast streams of data in the context of a data domain. 
The main themes of the program are:
•    Collect, explore, analyze, interpret, and present huge data sets
•    Approach data and domain problems from multiple perspective
•    Create value for organizations by designing novel data driven solutions

The program combines statistics, computer science, mathematics, and design theory with the business acumen to explore data sets, gather insights, visualize results, and communicate meaningful findings to stakeholders taking into consideration underlying ethical and legal aspects. 

Creative problem solvers

Candidates for the EngD Data Science are creative problem solvers with excellent technical skills, team players with eagerness to learn and with attitude that shows the responsibility for quality and quantity of knowledge gained. They have a solid background in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, and strong affinity with Data Science.

A Data Science graduate:  

  • Properly applies techniques from statistics, computer science, and mathematics in a variety of data domains.
  • Shows curiosity with the desire to discover, distill, and model a problem down to a clear set of concepts and hypotheses to be tested.
  • Uses data to tell a story and communicate that story effectively to stakeholders.
  • Demonstrates cleverness to look at a problem in different creative ways.
  • Collaborates in teams and with a variety of stakeholders to get optimal results.
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Ravi Thakkar is the 3000th graduated EngD candidate