The programme Healthcare Systems Design is open to recently graduated MSc students from top universities only. More specifically, application is only open to those candidates holding an MSc degree that is recognized by the Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education (see and to those candidates who have passed a regular post-BSc scientific study programme of at least two years in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Applied Physics, Computer Science or Applied Mathematics. Admission standards are high in order to maintain the quality of the programme. Good marks, technical background, possible work experience, motivation and personality are decisive factors.

We apply high admission standards in order to guarantee the quality of the programs and to prevent disappointment of candidates. Excellent results obtained in previous studies, motivation and personality are decisive factors. In addition, acceptance nowadays is depending on the availability of projects funded by industry as well as the availability of a supervisor from one of the participating TU/e Research Chairs.

The number of available positions is limited. To find a candidate with a background that fits the design project, vacancies are placed for the available projects. An overview of currently available projects can be found here (all DEES vacancies). Projects are defined and placed online throughout the year.