The PDEng projects always come from the industry and the teachers are very active in coaching. This gives me really a boost in learning things.

Ir. Ronald van Zon

Ir. Ronald van Zon PDEng trainee (C2014)

'I joined the Software Technology programme at the 3TU.SAI after finishing my Master Computer Science and Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e).

I chose to join this PDEng traineeship, because it offered me the opportunity to learn how to handle large technological issues because of the focus on modelling and architecture and the focus on personal development.

Although following a traineeship at a company is also possible, during the PDEng traineeship you are actively being coached by several experts and you have the opportunity to work in a large team.  On a personal level, the traineeship enables me to learn much about myself, my team members and their cultures.'