Rabobank CRS form

The CRS self-certification form

According to the so-called Common Reporting Standard (CRS), Rabobank is obliged by law to identify its account holders and report account holder information to the Dutch Tax Authorities.

What is Common Reporting Standard?
CRS can be described as a framework between governments for the automatic exchange of information which is obtained from local financial institutions. One of the main goals of CRS is to combat tax evasion. CRS is an initiative of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development). The Netherlands and several other OECD countries have decided to adopt CRS into their domestic law. Under CRS, financial institutions in CRS countries must report account holder information to their local tax authorities. Tax authorities will then exchange this information between themselves.

What does this mean for you?
In order to open a bank account you are required to complete a CRS self-certification form. Without a completed form we cannot open a bank account for you.

Please complete the CRS self-certification form and send the scanned version of the completed CRS self-certification to:

How to fill in the form?
You are tax resident in the country where you live at the moment. As soon as you are in the Netherlands and you have received your BSN number, you will become tax resident in the Netherlands.

Full information is available in the brochure from the Rabobank. If you are uncertain what your tax residence is, please ask your tax advisor in your home country for assistance.
If you have additional questions about your bank account or completing the CRS form please contact the Rabobank by email: Particulieren_05.Eindhoven-Veldhoven@rabobank.nl