All information regarding the accommodation offered from Eindhoven2Stay can be found in the brochure.

In June/July you will receive an email from TU/e if you have been allotted housing via Eindhoven2Stay. After that, you will be contacted by Eindhoven2Stay with information on how to make your booking with Eindhoven2Stay. The only way to apply for accommodation with Eindhoven2Stay is to answer to the e-mail you will receive after you have submitted your confirmation statement and paid the guarantee fee. You should NOT register directly via Eindhoven2Stay, since the apartments can only be obtained by students who apply via TU/e. Rental agreements will start between 1 and 18 August 2017. For some accommodations a maximum rental period of six months applies. After that period you will be offered new housing with Eindhoven2Stay. All students who are allotted housing with Einhdoven2Stay will be able to choose their studio in the booking website of Eindhoven2Stay. Therefore TU/e cannot take in account a preference for a specific building or studio type.