If you have been allotted housing with Holland2Stay, you will be contacted by Holland2Stay with information on how to make your booking. This will happen in June/July.  

Apartments reserved for TU/e can only be obtained by students who apply via TU/e. Rental agreements will start between 1 August and 15 September. The indicated start date of the rental agreement is indicated in the advertisement of the apartment. Start dates are fixed and cannot be changed. A maximum period of stay of one year applies to all accommodations from Holland2Stay reserved for TU/e. You are allowed to cancel the rental agreement with a notice period of one month during your stay. Apartments listed on the public website of Holland2Stay are not part of the property reserved for TU/e.

All students who are allotted housing with Holland2Stay will be able to choose their studio in the booking website of Holland2Stay. Therefore TU/e cannot take in account a preference for a specific building or studio type.

Eindhoven2Stay offers studios located in various locations in the city of Eindhoven. All in rental prices vary from € 675 up to € 900 per month. If you are at least 23 year of age and you meet the criteria, you can apply for rent benefit. Students under the age of 23 cannot obtain rent benefit for accommodations from Holland2Stay.