Registering at city hall

After you have arrived in Eindhoven you will need to register at the town hall. All people living in the Netherlands for longer than 4 months need to. An appointment will be arranged for you in the week of 27th August 2018 or 3th September 2018.

If you are not able to go that week due to very urgent circumstances, you need to call the town hall yourself to make a new appointment. We highly advise you to go to your appointment that we have scheduled because it will take several weeks before the town hall will have time for you.

For the registration you will need a copy of your housing contract. There are situations where you do not have it yet:

- If you stay in a hotel you can register on the address of the hotel. Bring a paid invoice with you to the town hall. Once you have found a room, you need to visit the town hall again to provide them your new address.

- if you are staying with someone (for example a family member) who is the owner of the house, he/she needs to come with you to the town hall. He/she needs to bring proof of his/her ownership and his/her residence permit/passport.

- if you are subletting always ask the owner if you are allowed to register at the address as well. If you are not, you are staying there illegally.

- if you are already living in the Netherlands and are registered at the town hall, we will not make an appointment for you.


Legalization or verification of birth and marriage certificates

Your birth certificate (and if relevant your marriage certificate) may first need to be legalized or verified. For information please check the Dutch embassy in your home country.

The legalization of birth certificates can take about 2 -3 weeks. Verification will take about 3-4 months. Please contact the Dutch embassy in your country for more information.

Please note:
You can start the legalization/verification process of your birth certificate as soon as you have returned the Confirmation Statement to the TU/e.

On the website of the Dutch government more information is available on the legalization/verification procedure.