Students granted external scholarship

The following information applies to students with a scholarship from one of the European programs such as EIT Digital, KIC, Erasmus Mundus, InnoEnergy SENSE, SELECT, or other scholarships recognised by TU/e such as Conacyt, Senecyt, Colfuturo.

1. TU/e Guarantee payment - If you have been granted a scholarship from one of the above-mentioned scholarship programs, you may transfer the reduced guarantee payment of 500 euros to cover the administrative costs of the visa application.

2. Proof of sufficient funds - For the application of your visa and/or residence permit you need to prove to the Dutch Immigration service (IND) that you have sufficient finances to fund your studies in the first year at TU/e. You are required to prove that you have at least 10,500 euros available to you per year of your studies at TU/e.

  • If your scholarship provides you with at least 1,000 euros per month living allowance, this is adequate to prove you have sufficient funds for living costs. Just ensure that TU/e has a copy of the details of your scholarship. 
  • If your scholarship does not provide you with at least 1,000 euros per month living allowance, there is a link below for more information on how to prove sufficient funds. The amount mentioned on these pages is for the full amount of 10,500 euros. You only have to prove the funds for living expenses, that are not covered by your scholarship.

Click here for full information on proving sufficient funds.

3. Scholarship statement - Your scholarship statement must meet the following requirements:

• the name of the scholarship provider and the name of the scholarship
• the name of the student
• the period this scholarship will be provided (day-month-year until day-month-year)
• the amount of the scholarship
• the scholarship statement must be dated