Your first days in Eindhoven

What to bring for your first few days in the Netherlands

  • Sufficient money in Euro (€) to cover settling in costs in Eindhoven. We advise you to have at least €1,500 - €2,000 available to you to cover costs such as the deposit for housing, the first month's rent and initial living expenses.
  • Your passport including (if applicable) the visa. This is required for identification for all official registrations and enrollments.
  • Your certified birth certificate. This is required by all students when registering at city hall.
  • Proof of scholarship - if you have been granted a scholarship/fellowship by an organization other than ALSP, Erasmus mundus, KIC, or NFP please bring documentation to prove this.
  • A print out of the Admission email from the TU/e. This may be required by immigration services as you travel to the Netherlands.


  • You must bring the original documents of your diploma and academic transcripts with you to TU/e.
  • You must also bring an authenticated translation of these documents to English, Dutch or German if your documents are in another language.
  • If you do not bring these ORIGINAL documents with you, you will be unable to enroll at TU/e.

How much money do I have to bring for settling-in?

  • The International Office will open a bank account for you so that you don’t have to bring large amounts of cash with you.
  • A few weeks before your arrival you will be sent full details of your new bank account. You may therefore transfer money from your home bank account to the new Dutch bank account before your arrival in Eindhoven.
  • When you arrive in Eindhoven you can withdraw cash from your new bank account by visiting the bank and producing your passport.
  • All paperwork regarding the new account will be completed on the Registration Day during Bachelor Intro or Master Kick off and your bank card will be given to you.
  • There will be a number of settling-in costs during the first few days of your stay in Eindhoven (e.g. the deposit and first month's rent on your accommodation, food in the first week and other initial purchases after arrival).
    So if you are not transfering money to your new Dutch bank account, it may be an idea to bring a credit or debit card with you from your own country to pay these initial costs.
  • Please be aware that whilst credit cards are accepted in an increasing number of shops in the Netherlands, supermarkets do NOT accept credit cards. You can of course use a credit card to draw money from a cash machine, although your bank may charge you for this.
  • Visa and mastercard are accepted by the housing bureaus in Eindhoven.
  • Check out the possibilities for credit and debit cards in your own country and ask at your bank which of these cards is also accepted in the Netherlands.

    We suggest that it is sensible to have approx. €1,500- €2,000 available to you to cope with initial expenses during the first week in Eindhoven.

And finally.........

  • Suitable clothing - please be aware that the weather in the Netherlands can be very different to where you come from.
  • Your lugguage - whenever you are travelling it's important to always be aware of your belongings and to keep an eye on your lugguage.