Santander Group

The Santander Group was founded in 1988, as one of the first European consortia of universities. It aims at strengthening the academic links for education and research between the network members through specific and advanced facilities as well as privileged channels of information and exchange. Comprised of 34 European universities, the Santander Group provides its students, academic staff and administrative staff with opportunities to benefit from the combined resources of the network members.

The Santander Group has a long-standing involvement in the European Community programmes and projects, on behalf of the European Commission too (ALBAN). Along with the participation in individual European programmes, the Santander Group has its own independent mobility schemes for both students and administrative staff, which give a flexible framework for exchange over the whole range of subjects and functions associated with its network members.

Since its inception the Santander Group has been outward looking and has developed relations with a number of other regions of the world including Latin America (partnership arrangements with FAUBAI, UDUAL, ASCUN) and the USA (agreement with the University of California at Berkeley).